Bachi Burger


The owners of Bachi Burger stepped out of the box when it came to creating its menu, which consists of a variety of Asian inspired gourmet hamburgers. Therefore, it was given that their venue needed to be just as unique. Opening its second location in the Las Vegas area, NuTone Construction utilized various design concepts and techniques to add distinctive character to the Summerlin venue.

The oriental inspired patterns located on the walls and benches, created using a CNC machine, and a hand-painted 60 ft. wall mural, commissioned by a local artist, will bring the restaurant lounge environment Las Vegas is so well known for. Customers will not only come for the exceptional menu selections, but also for the restaurant aesthetics.

Project Type:
Commercial Remodel
Square Footage:

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NV Lic # 62214 B-2
Bid Limit: $5,000,000

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