Tacos and Beer


Tacos and Beer was the launch pad for our now fundamental design-build concept. This unique restaurant, where back alley meets modern tradition, offered a laid-back atmosphere with a whole lot of flair. A great deal of originality went into this design, from scrabble ceiling tiles, patterned bar faces, and prayer candles transformed into lights to reconstituted re-bar into bathroom vanities. Let’s not forget to mention the artistically crafty murals scattered throughout. Recreating uses for materials is evident in this establishment and further demonstrates the spunk and creativity that Nutone brings to the table.

Project Type:
Commercial Remodel
Square Footage:

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NV Lic # 62214 B-2
Bid Limit: $5,000,000

Nutone Construction, Inc. © All Rights Reserved

Nutone Construction, Inc. © All Rights Reserved

NV Lic # 62214 B-2
Bid Limt: $5,000,000