Pot Liquor


This contemporary American BBQ smokehouse that infuses an authentic Americana vibe with modern day influences has arrived at Town Square. Our design concept welcomes customers in with a sense of hospitality and community offering reconstructed materials combined with plenty of soul. Starting off with the industrial warehouse windows that invite you in for a closer look to our custom made mason jar and brass instrument chandeliers, pallet wood art represents the bar face and the show of true patriotism with the American flag is set as the backdrop. The bar tops were hand constructed with raw steel and re-bar was used for the handrails and footrests. There is a fine balance of artistic iron, rustic wood and a blues vibe that make this venue a genuine neighborhood joint inspired by the creativity of the Nutone team.

Project Type:
Commercial Build Out
Square Footage:

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NV Lic # 62214 B-2
Bid Limit: $5,000,000

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